Sonic Yoga Workshop

Sonic Yoga

Katt Brooks & Drez Slezak

Saturday, May 18th
2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
$35 per person

Katt Brooks is Yoga Teacher and Drez Slezak (ASTRL TRVLR) is DJ/ Sound Healer based here in Ottawa. These two are co-creators of a yoga business called Sonic Yoga, where they travel around Canada, and the world providing a yoga, movement, and sound scape practice. This has taken them on small and large retreats to yoga studios, retreat centers, as well as, providing a yoga and sound experience at music festivals.

Sonic Yoga was created as two passions in life, yoga and sound, came together to create a magical experience for yoga practitioners. Sonic Yoga is an experience where we guide students through an accessible flow yoga practice while students experience the true benefits of frequency, vibrations, and sound. Katt teaches a flow yoga class that is professionally cued to link body, movement, breath and sound, so participants can be encouraged to get lost in the "flow" of their movement and be encouraged to be creative with their inner self.

While the movement takes place, Drez will use instruments (singing bowls, drums, symbols, dj equipment) to create a sound escape that stimulates sound healing in the people participating. Sound healing and meditation techniques like binaural beats will be used throughout the practice along with tribal earth rhythms. This practice starts the out slow and gentle with sound healing and meditation, Katt then begins to bring more movement into the practice and Drez begins to bring up the tempo and bring in the music. This sound and movement practice gets participants to be creative with their body, and to become intune with their body movements.

The entire experience of Sonic Yoga is about using the benefits of yoga, movement, sound healing and vibrations to experience these modalities in a way we typically may not. The true benefits this practice occur as the healing sound frequencies enter the bodies of participants and the experience sound in a way they never thought possible.

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Facebook: Sonic Yoga then, Instagram: @sonic_yoga, @astrl.trvlr and @katt.yogi

Jan Morgan