Mothers & Daughters: Ingredients of a Loving Relationship


Olga Kersten-Matwi

Saturday, May 11
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Have you ever tried to change your mother? How did it work out? It’s impossible, right?

Even though changing your mother is impossible you can develop a loving relationship with her.

How? First you move away from “blaming the mother” that’s so prevalent in our society. Then you assume responsibility for your own feelings and actions.

This shift will empower you to realize that the relationship you’d like to have with your mother is at your reach.

This workshop will guide you to the place in which you can say: “My relationship with my mother depends on me.”

WHAT: A 2.5 hour workshop that will provide the opportunity to share experiences and exchange ideas. The gathering will be led by a seasoned professional, and author, who will introduce the participants to ways of developing a loving daughter–mother relationship: meaningful, supportive, accepting, filled with appreciation and gratitude. Through exploring Themes for emotional maturity, the practice of Good Mother Messages and Skills of loving they will embrace the most fulfilling ways of being in this unique relationship.

WHO: All women who are interested in sharing, exploring, and learning about new ways of relating. Come alone or with a friend, with your mother or adult daughter. The choice is yours!

About the leader:

A competent, compassionate therapist and author Olga Kersten-Matwin, MA is a psychologist registered in Quebec. She brings four decades of knowledge and experience to her North American and European professional practice. Olga is a mother of one adult daughter and has been called “a mother within the community”. She shares the insights of her own motherhood/daughterhood journey with generosity, wisdom and humour.


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