Debi Arnoni, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Debi Arnoni, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Over the past 15 years, Debi has become a passionate yogi having first-hand experience with its many benefits. It has helped her maintain her body’s strength, flexibility and balance, reduced psychological stress, and taught her that happiness can be found by embracing each moment as it happens. She loves to help others learn to practice yoga so that they too can enjoy its benefits.

Excerpts from student testimonials:

Debi is warm and welcoming, ready to help students have a safe, effective practice with suggestions and gentle adjustments. Her joyous spirit and kindness shine through and she gives more than expected; happy to answer questions and quick to support others in their practice and in life. “

Debi is an incredible soul who holds space and guides with eloquence and grace. Her knowledge is vast and it is evident in her instruction. Her lovely disposition makes you feel held, connected, and safe.”

She is a highly competent teacher who is always striving to learn more and to share her evolving yoga wisdom with others.”

Debi is an outstanding teacher and I have appreciated her leadership, gentleness, humour, and commitment to her students. As the classes are closing, Debi always speaks of gratitude and thankfulness which reflects the philosophy and practice aspects of her classes.”

DEBI IS TEACHING: Accessible Ashtanga Yoga: Wednesdays from 8:15 till 9:45 a.m.

This class is an accessible, slower-paced version of the Ashtanga primary series. The more difficult poses are modified or omitted and props are used so that beginner and intermediate students can safely focus on the key of each pose while challenging themselves. Debi gives options for each pose to suit different student.

Ashtanga yoga follows a specific sequence of postures linking every movement to a breath. One of the benefits of following the same sequence is the noticeable progress from repeated practice. Also, once students know what to expect, the practice may become a meditation, enabling them to better immerse themselves in the moment.

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