Scott Hooper, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Scott Hooper, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Scott was introduced to hatha yoga through a friend in 1998. Interested but not entirely captivated it was only upon taking his first ashtanga class in 2000 that he got hooked. Miraculously, these strange postures combined with deep breathing had a startling effect on his mood and sense of well being. What started off as one class a week became two and then three and eventually lead to regular morning practice five to six times a week. The yoga exploration continues with no end in sight.

Scott has had the privilege to study with such teachers as Richard Freeman in North America and Sharath Rangaswamy and most recently Sharmila Desai in India. Through these teachers he has come to the slow understanding that the yoga practice has the potential to be truly transformative.

Scott's classes will combine flowing postures with deep breathing to help the mind both concentrate and relax. Scott tries to make his classes accessible to everyone on keeping with his belief that yoga should be for every body!

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