Janice Tokaryk, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Janice Tokaryk, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Janice’s passion with yoga began when she studied and developed a strong practice in traditional Hatha Yoga. Janice then became fascinated with Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and completed four teacher intensives with Richard Freeman in Boulder, Colorado.

She was also fortunate enough to study with the late Sri Pattabhi Jois when he visited Canada. Janice describes her learning experience with "Guruji" as one of the highlights of her career. Other influential teachers have been David Swenson and most recently, Hart Lazer.

Her love of movement began with classical dance training. After extensive studies in ballet, jazz and Ukranian folk dancing Janice pursued her art, becoming a teacher and choreographer. She has also travelled extensively conducting fitness workshops all over the world and has sat on a certification board for fitness professionals.

Janice is one of the senior teachers at Adishesha Yoga Zone where she conducts workshops and is part of the Teacher Training Faculty alongside Basia Going, director of the studio. In her classes, Janice shares her solid knowledge, as well as her great passion for yoga.

Always keen to expand her knowledge and her horizons, Janice is currently participating in workshops on meditation and human anatomy "It's fantastic being a student."

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