Dan Davies, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Dan Davies, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Before finding yoga, Dan had a long fitness career giving classes, workshops, presenting at fitness conferences, as well as doing teacher training for aerobic instructors. During this time, he was also a student taking workshops and classes in anatomy, various training methods, biomechanics and motivational strategies.

It was Ashtanga that convinced him of the many benefits of yoga: the focus on breathing, the Ujjayi Pranayama, and the lift of spirit that came, all the asanas, the flow, the beauty and, of course, the challenge of the Ashtanga practice. “This is what I love about the asana practice; it works you on every level whether your conscious intention is there or not.”

Workshops with Wade Morissette, Janice Tokaryk, Richard Freeman, Marcia Solomon, Julie Salter and, of course, teacher training with Basia Going have deepened his Yoga practice and knowledge.

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