Barb Wong, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Barb Wong, yoga teacher, Adi Shesha, Ottawa

Barb has been working part-time as a group fitness instructor (cardio, strength and indoor cycling) since she was a graduate student, but she didn’t find yoga until a little later in life. Over the years, she tried a couple of classes here and there, but could not make peace with the random thoughts racing through her head. She tried coming back to the mat again and again… until one day, something clicked. That night, her sleep was sounder, more peaceful and restorative than it had been for years, and she began to look forward to her time on the mat.

After practicing regularly for a few years, she wanted to learn more about yoga so she explored the practice deeper while completing her 200hr YTT at Adi Shesha.

“Yoga helps keep me grounded, and I continue to learn and grow every time I practice. I look forward to sharing my love of movement and sense of play with you. Namaste.”

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