What others say 

Firstly, I can’t tell you enough how much your classes have benefited me this week. Your Monday and Tuesday classes have been very therapeutic for me; releasing years of tension, awakening muscles and improving my blood circulation. Your yoga is better than any massage session, medication or fitness class! A great big thank you to your passion, humour and years of dedication to yoga teaching!!!”
- Dipty

I wanted you to know that coming to yoga classes has been a great plus in my life. Before I started the classes, one of my greatest fears for the winter is that I may slip, fall and not be able to get up. The yoga has given me the flexibility and strength to be mobile. I love the classes with the very competent teachers at Adi Shesha and I enjoy the atmosphere of safety, and ease.”
- Jan

I've been to many yoga studios, and this is one of the best. Basia in particular is amazing. She teaches with both lightness and depth, as well as anatomical precision. I've been practising yoga for 13 years, including teacher training, and yet I almost always learn something new in her classes. My body feels great and my spirit is uplifted.”
- Laurie

The second I walked into Adi Shesha I knew I would do my teacher training there. The atmosphere of the studio is warm and welcoming and it instantly felt like home. I’m so glad I trusted that instinct because I can’t imagine having done my training anywhere else. Basia and the teachers were so knowledgeable, kind and patient. They made the experience joyful and enriching. I made incredible friends, deepened every aspect of my yoga practice, and learned so much about myself. Without a doubt, taking the training improved my whole life. I decided to teach yoga when I finished, but even if I hadn’t, the training still would have been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience.”
- Jane Kerrison

Love the studio and the teachers. A wide variety of classes, always learning new poses or techniques. And a lot of focus on proper alignment and on poses that help with problems caused by too much sitting.”
- Kristi

This is the first place I found teachers and a community in which the practice of yoga is filled with non-judgmental joy, laughter, and kind support.”
- Steph

I have been practicing in this wonderful zone with superb teachers for 11 years now, and I am extremely grateful to have this caliber of facility within walking distance of my home.
- Jaqui

This is a small local and privately owned studio in a central location in Ottawa, with excellent teachers and a good environment. The owner is lovely - very knowledgeable and flexible (literally and in Sprit). She doesn't take herself seriously, which is a breath of fresh air in the current yoga industry. Her genuine and loving nature shines right through
- Lil

Everyone here knows your name! Large diversity of class types and very fun atmosphere. Also very intimate -- even in popular classes you get individualized attention and personal contact.”
- Anne

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