Yoga Teacher Training Info Session

A taste of what you is awaiting you this Fall (Oct – Feb, 2019/20)
Saturday, July 20, 1 pm – 3 pm
Fees: Free + extra gifts

Part I 1 - 2:30pm:

Loaded with tips workshop for the tasting: Basia and Janice lead a session so you can have a sense of approach in the training course. Come, try it out with no risk, walk away with good learning and decide if you want to get a lot more.

Part II 2:30 - 3pm:

Presentation, discussion and Q&A TT

Do the research

Get concrete insights why this training is an amazing opportunity if you are serious about “ump - ing” up your game (in practice, in leading groups, in knowing yourself)

Register for this Free Event

Even if you are not sure if the training is in the cards for you, you have a chance to see how Adi Shesha Yoga Teacher Training could transform your life.

NO obligation to take the training

We hope that after a taste and exploration you will be inspired to come on board – and if for some reason you will choose to let the opportunity go, you still walk away with a tool box for your practice.

There is more… another gift:

When you register for this Free session, you will automatically get yet a free class for you and a friend and to enjoy any time.

There is more…

Should you get excited and see the value of the course, when registering on the day of the INFO session, we will cover your texts for the course (on top of the manual that comes with the course). They will be waiting for you at the commencement of the course.

The second I walked into Adi Shesha I knew I would do my teacher training there. The atmosphere of the studio is warm and welcoming and it instantly felt like home. I’m so glad I trusted that instinct because I can’t imagine having done my training anywhere else. Basia and the teachers were so knowledgeable, kind and patient. They made the experience joyful and enriching. I made incredible friends, deepened every aspect of my yoga practice, and learned so much about myself. Without a doubt, taking the training improved my whole life. I decided to teach yoga when I finished, but even if I hadn’t, the training still would have been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience. - Jane Kerrison