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Find out about happenings across the city, and discover all that yoga in Ottawa has to offer!

Fine Art and Performing Art

  • Alisha Reilly-Roe
    Sculpture, painting, drawing, design, and photography have been integral parts of my life since a very young age.
  • Heidi Conrod
    Heidi's work ranges from abstract moody landscapes, to intimate and ethereal portraits and printmaking. The subject of her work is found as much in their technique as in the depicted images. As she paints, ideas, thoughts impressions are built up and then broken down.

Massage / A.R.T.

  • Mike Mah
    Mike is an experienced Registered Massage Therapist with certification in Active Release Technique. A graduate of Kine Concept Institute, he completed 2500 hours of training and draws on his knowledge of anatomy to provide tailor-made, holistic treatments for each client.  He uses a range of techniques, including myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, and Swedish massage to provide soft tissue treatment to clients.
  • Ottawa Thai Massage
    Devin has been a certified Thai massage practitioner and teacher for more than 7 years. His experience with Western anatomy, yoga and Chinese Medical theory create an integrative healing modality that is combined with graceful flow and deep individual attention and care.

Nepal Trekking

nepal_social_logo.jpg  If you are thinking of going trekking in Nepal (Bhutan, Tibet) consider Nepal Social Trecks & Expedition team. They are well trained, provide great service and support the underprivilaged communities.

They're smart, they are efficient, they care. Check them out: