YOGA WALL with Tamara McIntyre

Yoga Wall Teacher Training

Friday,March 8 - 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday, March 9 - 1:00-7:00pm,
Sunday, March 10 - 1:00-7:00pm

$350, or $300 early bird by February 1st

Have you been to class and wondered just what, exactly, the yoga wall is for? Have you thought, "I'd like to try that, but not as the only wall beginner"? Or are you a teacher who would like to be comfortable offering a bit of yoga wall in your class or subbing a yoga wall class at AYZ?

If any of these questions made you go "hmmm" then this training is for you!

Yoga Wall, Part 1: Introduction to the Yoga Wall

We will start with the basic mechanics of setting up the wall safely and securely, and talk a bit about the different attachments.

Once set up and comfortable, we will open our shoulders and create space and length in our spines using the yoga wall as our prop. We will discuss how the wall can be a teaching tool for beginners by breaking down downward dog and the forward fold. We will compare these poses with their non-wall supported variations so that you can make yoga wall decisions for your personal practice.

Yoga Wall, Part 2: Yoga Wall for Beginners

The yoga wall is a great prop for beginner yogis. It can take away one portion of an asana - such as balance - to allow the student to focus on another - such as alignment. This gives us the ability to breakdown a pose with less chance of a beginner becoming discourage with their abilities and may help them to isolate their strengths and weaknesses in a given pose.

Over the course of this session, we will breakdown, practice, support, and teach the following poses:

  • Downward Dog

  • Warrior A

  • Warrior B

  • Wide Leg Forward Fold

  • Reverse Prayer Hands / Penguin Pose

We will also take time to use the wall as a prop to support seated folds and seated twists, discussing how the wall can help a student become aware of their spine allowing them to make the pose as gentle or deep as they like.

As we approach the end of the day, we discuss and explore beginner inversions, gentle backbends and savasana options, such as

  • Child’s Post

  • “Flying” Cobra / Upward Dog

  • Ragdoll

  • Supported Fish

Homework / Self-study will be assigned for YA certification.

Yoga Wall, Part 3: Getting Off the Ground & Taking it Deeper

This session will build on using the wall as a teaching tool as well as using the yoga wall as prop for going deeper into poses and helping students get comfortable with inverting and leaving the ground - sometimes at the same time! We will also work on creating short sequences using the yoga wall. Poses will include, among others:

  • Warrior C

  • Triangle

  • Half Moon

  • Bat / Inverted Butterfly

  • “Headless” Headstand

  • Floating Forward Fold

  • Floating Planks

Participants looking for certification will be required to assist and/or teach during this session.

YACEP certificate for 15 hours of training 

200hr Teacher Training 2019


JANUARY 5 - MAY 26, 2019
: $2,950.00 (this includes deposit of $600.00)

Basia Going, Teacher Trainer, Adi Shesha Yoga Zone, Ottawa

The Living Lab


Yoga Alliance Certified, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

with Basia Going & Janice Tokaryk

Basia and Janice combine many years of creating and leading teacher trainings, teaching studio classes, and leading workshops and retreats in Canada and around the globe, to bring to you a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have been a dedicated team for many years, which sets the stage for optimum learning and growth.

"We need more leaders that can hold space for people to be inspired. We need more teachers who are grounded and clear. We need to know who we are, what we really want, and how we can contribute to our community."
- Basia Going


Saturdays & Sundays
Jan: (5 & 6) + (19 & 20)
Feb: (16 & 17) + (23 & 24)
Mar: (2 & 3) + (16 & 17) + (30 & 31)
April: (13 & 15) + (20 & 21)
May: (4 & 5) + (11,&11) + (25 & 26)

observe and report on four classes
- observe and assist on six classes
- group and self study


A 20-class pass that validated for 6 months beginning 5 January, 2019.

This teacher training is a unique opportunity for you to enrich your life - and the lives of others - with aliveness! You learn how to get better at letting go of habitual patterns that the mind entertains and the body holds. Then, you can release what is stuck and allow the flow of clear thoughts and space. With that, you can then listen deeply to feel vibrancy of each cell and each breath.

The practice of yoga is the practice of getting real! We will use our body, mind, and other tools to realize and come into the heart of who we really are. Do not miss this chance to transform your practice, your teaching, and your life. Learn to be a teacher by becoming a great student!

During the training course, there will be many opportunities to get to know the body. We will explore anatomy and movement patterns: those that invigorate our being and those that damage our health. While a cross-section of required knowledge such as pranayama, meditation, major yogic texts, philosophy and psychology of teaching is covered, our focus will be on making the theory real and relevant to our growth.

Substantial amounts of the time will be spent on how to read bodies and skillfully assist students. You will have a strong base as a new teacher to assist and to problem solve. We will spend time on creating interesting sequences, keep good pacing of a class, and motivating the students. Since teaching requires being ready for all abilities and body types, we will explore creative use of a variety of props and other yoga tools.


  • Work diligently, but with lightness and a sense of humour

  • Navigate life with increased skills

  • Learn how the body works and what you can do with it

  • Get some insight into your mind and how mind and body play together

  • Take a closer look at ways we communicate with others: ways that are effective

  • Analyze secrets of charismatic teachers - use it in a class, business or relationship

  • Most importantly, learn how NOT to take yourself too seriously!

Main Topics


  • Fundamental alignment principles

  • Sun salutations (various styles)

  • Standing poses – symmetrical & asymmetrical (and variations)

  • Forward bends – prep, variations, going deeper

  • Hip/shoulder openers – beginners & intermediate

  • Back bending – beginners & intermediate

  • Arm balances and Inversions

  • Restoratives


  • Pranayama & Meditation

  • Breathing fully. Taking advantage of what the breath offers!

  • Being still and listening deeply


  • Traditional texts, primarily Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita explored so that they become alive in our lives today

  • The process of yoga


  • Anatomy can be FUN! Yep, fun! And useful, to the point, and very relevant to what you need to teach yoga

  • In depth

  • Very practical


  • Principles of sequencing, pacing, holding space

  • Vinyasa – smooth linking of the poses (different ways to do it)

  • Skilful hands-on adjusting – when to, when not to, how much (adjusting complete beginners and experienced practitioners)

  • Verbal & visual cues

  • Sanskrit: Asana names & common terms

  • Psychology of teaching

  • Ethics in teaching and being a student

  • Getting ready to teach – Where do I start? Teaching opportunities, etc.


  • Therapeutic application of yoga: common problem areas, alternative approaches, therapy for shoulders, neck, hips, back etc.

  • Working with a variety of tools, props and adjustments

A few things to note

  • Students will be required to observe and report on 4 classes (Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin, & Therapy). Schedule for observing the classes to be agreed upon and to begin halfway through the course

  • Students will be required to observe and assist in 6 classes

  • There are recommended texts - you may already have them, some are access online, and some to borrow or buy to have for reference


  • Course manual and handouts

  • 20-class pass – valid for 6 months from commencement of training

  • Audio files for Sanskrit pronunciations and more


$2950.00 + hst

A deposit of $600 required upon registration

To apply for this training, please send Basia an email (info@adishesha.com) or meet Basia in the time before or after her classes.

or, CONTACT the lead trainer (and studio owner): basia@adisheshayogazone.com and arrange to discuss the Teacher Training program