Adi Shesha is organizing a Bazaar to support an AMAZING School in Nicaragua - Manzanillo High School in the region of Chinandega


Sunday, Aug 25: 11 am - 3 pm

99 Fourth Avenue


Last year, few of us - from our Yoga and cross fit community in Ottawa, had an opportunity to visit schools that were build with the support of Waves-of-Hope, a charity funded by the owners of the surfing resort in the area. Waves of Hope, has been raising the funds, to build and equip two school - both primary and secondary.

They did not just begun the project, the organization has been committed to continual support - maintenance of infrastructure, scholarships, supplies.

What I saw being done in this secluded part of Nicaragua, blew me away. The whole region knows the founders of this progressive organization (one of whom I met - Jamie Collum (co-owner of the resort Coco Loco). The life of many in the region has improved, as the access to education allowed the whole community to get stronger and independent, not to mention get inspired and proud of their development.

I was impressed by the commitment, effort and results - I want to be part of it. I would love for you to be part of it too.

The best part - the community on the ground decides what it needs, as it should be. The most precious need identified was schools and education so that the young can get busy upgrading their life. and so The Waves of Hope was born.

Please help me support the community further through the organization that works closely with people on the ground in this amazing journey.

How you can help?

- Come to the Bazaar and spend some money - you will get great stuff and help other to get great stuff - Education.

- You can also provide some cool items for sale: Baked goods, preserve, artisan items ...

II you have cool services to offer - we will take that too.

We already have great offers as donation of various treats and hand made goods

We will also have a link to the charity with our campaign, where you can donate some money directly. Stay tuned for that it is in the working :-)

Please send us an email at if you think of a way you want to help with the Bazaar!

Come, invite friends, send this invite around.

Let us support each other in thriving!