Adi Shesha


Yoga for you!

Watch the usual patterns your mind is entertaining and the ones your body is holding onto… and perhaps let them go. Your body… stretches, releases and invigorates with strength. Focus on your breath… lengthen it, hold it, move it in various ways and spaces. Sit still and just feel. The trick is to pay attention:to be present. Be here now- not lost in the mind, but awaken.

The second I walked into Adi Shesha I knew I would do my teacher training there. The atmosphere of the studio is warm and welcoming and it instantly felt like home. I’m so glad I trusted that instinct because I can’t imagine having done my training anywhere else. Basia and the teachers were so knowledgeable, kind and patient. They made the experience joyful and enriching. I made incredible friends, deepened every aspect of my yoga practice, and learned so much about myself. Without a doubt, taking the training improved my whole life. I decided to teach yoga when I finished, but even if I hadn’t, the training still would have been one of the most valuable experiences of my life. I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience. - Jane Kerrison

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A warm welcome awaits you at our fully equipped studio in the Glebe at 99 Fourth Avenue (just off Bank Street). Basia and a team of highly trained teachers invite you to come and experience a wide range of yoga practices in the classes offered here at Adi Shesha. Drop by 15 minutes before a class to meet with us and share how you practice and what you need to feel good.