200-Hour: The Living Lab.

Experiencing the Body, Mind, and Heart of Yoga

October 13, 2017 - March 25, 2018



Adi Shesha faculty of Basia, Janice and Natalie bring you a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have been a dedicated team for many years which sets the stage for optimum learning and growing. Combining many years of teaching, conducting workshops, Teacher Trainings, retreats in Canada and around the globe.  

IMG_0255 (2).jpgJoin Adishesha TT for a solid, comprehensive aprroach to your journey, weather its to deepen your practice or to become a teacher we would be honoured to have you.

"We need more leaders that can hold space for people to be inspired. We need more teachers who are grounded and clear. We need to know who we are, what we really want, and how we can contribute to our community." ~ Basia Going

Notes from the last year students:

"I never thought I would become a yoga teacher.

When I met Basia, I was searching for ways to heal from a hip injury. She inspired me with yoga as therapy and the way she spoke about yoga for athletes like me: balancing strength and softness.
I was hooked. Within two months of meeting Basia, I signed up for the Adi Shesha 200-hour yoga teacher training.
The quality of instruction was high. I was lead by Basia, Janice, and Natalie. Each of them challenged and encouraged me to find new depth in my practice and new skill in how to share it with others.
By the end of the teacher training I learned more than asanas, philosophy, and anatomy. It totally changed the way I approach my athleticism. I feel stronger, more flexible, and my hip feels better. Most importantly, I feel inspired and ready to teach.
Thank you Basia! Thank you Janice! Thank you Natalie!



"I cannot say enough positive things about the teacher-training program at Adi Shesha. As soon as I walked in the door I knew I wanted to train there. The whole place exudes warmth, comfort and joy.
Basia, Natalie and Janice all bring different perspectives and insights to their instruction, resulting in an exceptionally well-rounded education. All three supported us with grace and kindness through our challenges and victories during the training.
Every aspect of this program - anatomy, philosophy, meditation etc. - was engaging, exciting, and inspiring. Having the program stretch over a few months allowed time to develop my personal practice and absorb all the material presented in our weekends.
I can't imagine having done my 200hr YTT anywhere else. The relationships and community that developed in our group is something that I will cherish forever. This program gave me all the tools necessary to start my journey as a yoga teacher, and instilled in me a strong desire to keep learning, growing and exploring everything that yoga has to offer.

Jane "


"Two years ago, I knew I wanted to take yoga teacher training. I had been practicing at Adisheisha for some time and loved the classes, the teachers and the warm, down-to-earth, everyone-is-welcome here vibe of the studio so I was interested when the notification was posted for that year's teacher training. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to participate that year due to other commitments. But I also knew that I wanted to study with the teachers that had become mentors to me, so I decided to wait for the 2016 session. I am so glad I did! All 3 of our faculty were absolutely amazing and the occasional guest teacher added even more to the experience. We were introduced to a variety of different types of yoga, from Yin to Restorative to Wall Yoga; the in-depth focus on anatomy provided context for the poses and the adjustments; the history and philosophy behind the practice that I had become familiar with opened my mind to the idea that yoga is so much more than a physical practice. The structure of the course provided an opportunity for me to develop some truly special relationships with both my fellow teachers-in-training and the faculty. Whether you are looking to simply deepen your own personal practice of yoga or whether you want to teach (or even if you don't know yet!), I would highly recommend YTT with Janice, Natalie, and Basia. It was a wonderful experience that has inspired me in so many ways.

Kelly "


"When I attended the first session of the Adi Shesha Yoga teacher training program I felt the trepidation of a chipmunk edging closer to a morsel of apple placed beside human fingers. I had been practicing yoga for only 3 and a half years. Through a series of life events, yoga had become my sweetness and solace. I wanted to learn more and possibly share this with others, but was unsure of my place. From the very first moment, I felt a lightness and contentment. The teachers, Basia, Janice and Natalie, are compassionate and knowledgeable. At Adi Shesha I developed a deeper understanding of the history of yoga. We explored the philosophy, discussed stories, connected with tradition. Coming from an arts background with no experience in biology, I found the anatomy classes riveting. Some weekends challenged physically; some weekends stretched the mind. The relationships that develop between classmates and with your teachers sustain you and guide you. And, although it is lovely to find your breath and balance in a pose, the process of getting there – that travelling together—becomes the joy. The Adi Shesha yoga teacher training is an excellent program to begin your journey as a teacher, but it is just as valid as a space to connect to your life and to deepen your connection to the world around you. Thank you to my fellow students and to Natalie, Janice and Basia for this gift."

Debbie  "

Schedue for 2017-2018

11 Weekends (Saturday & Sunday, 1:00-7:00 pm):

  • October 13 – only one Fri – Intro to the course, 15, 16
  • October 28, 29
  • November 11, 12
  • November 25, 26
  • December 2,3
  • January 6, 7
  • January 20, 21
  • February 10, 11
  • February 24, 25
  • March 10, 11
  • March 24, 25 (graduation)

Two Immersions: Mon- Fri, early morning (6-8am)

Hip Immersion: October: 16/17/18/19/20

Core Immersions: March: 19/20/21/22/23

This teacher training, LIVING LAB, is the unique opportunity for you to answer this calling and enrich your life and the lives of others with aliveness! You can learn how to get better at letting go of habitual patterns that our mind entertains and the body holds. Then, you can release what is stuck and allow the flow of clear thoughts and space. When you have more space, you can then listen deeply to feel vibrancy of each cell and each breath.

The practice of yoga is the practice of getting real! We will use our body, mind, and other tools to realize and come into the heart of who we really are.  Do not miss this chance to transform your practice, your teaching, and your life.  Learn to be a teacher by becoming a great student!

During the training course, there will be many opportunities to get to know the body. We will explore anatomy and movement patterns: those that invigorate our being and those that damage our health. While a cross-section of required knowledge such as pranayama, meditation, major yogic texts, philosophy and psychology of teaching is covered, our focus will be on making the theory real and relevant to our growth.

Substantial amount of the time will be spent on how to read bodies and skillfully assist students. You will have a strong base as a new teacher to assist and to problem solve. We will spend time on creating interesting sequences, keeping good pacing of a class, and motivating the students. Since teaching requires being ready for all abilities and body types, we will explore creative use of a variety of props and other yoga tools.

Be prepared to work diligently, but with lightness and a sense of humour.

  • Navigate life with skillful lightness
  • Learn how the body works and what you can do with it
  • Get some insight into your mind and how mind and body play together
  • Take a closer look at ways we communicate with others: ways that are effective
  • Analyze secrets of charismatic teachers - use it in a class, business or relationship

Most importantly, learn how NOT to take yourself too seriously

Main Topics


  • Fundamental alignment principles
  • Sun salutations (various styles)
  • Standing poses – symmetrical & asymmetrical (and variations)
  • Forward bends – prep, variations, going deeper
  • Hip/shoulder openers – beginners & intermediate
  • Back bending – beginners & intermediate
  • Arm balances and Inversions
  • Restoratives

Pranayama & Meditation

  • Breathing fully. Taking advantage of what the breath offers!
  • Being still and listening deeply


  • Traditional texts, primarily Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita explored so that tey become alive in our lifes today
  • The process of yoga


Anatomy can be FUN! Yep, fun!

Useful, to the point, and very relevant to what you need to teach yoga.

  • Indepth
  • Very practical
  • By the time you finish, you will have a good idea how to body works


  • Principles of sequencing, pacing, holding space
  • Vinyasa – smooth linking of the poses (different ways to do it)
  • Skillful hands-on adjusting – when to, when not to, how much (adjusting complete beginners and experienced practitioners)
  • Verbal & visual cues
  • Sanskrit: Asana names & common terms
  • Psychology of teaching
  • Ethics in teaching and being a student
  • Getting ready to teach – Where do I start? Teaching opportunities, etc.

Yoga Therapy

  • Therapeutic application of yoga: common problem areas, alternative approaches, therapy for shoulders, neck, hips, back, working with a variety of tools and props, etc.

A Few Things to Note

If you wish to apply for the training, please send us an email, call, or drop by the studio. You will need to fill out an application form.

There will be an exam towards the end of the course (not to worry, you will be ready!)

Students will be required to observe and report on 4 classes (Hatha, Ashtanga, Yin & Therapy). Schedule for observing the classes to be agreed upon, to begin halfway through the course.

Students will be required to assist in 4 classes.

Students will receive assignments each weekend (to be completed for the following weekend)

Course fees includes:

  • Course manual and handouts.

Once you register for the course we will send you recommended texts - you may already have them, some you can accress on line, or borrow or simply order to have for your reference.

  • 20 class pass - must be used within the time of the course (regular group practice in a variety of classes is an essential part of learning and integration).
  • Audio files for Sanskrit pronunciations and more

Payment Options

  • $2950 plus HST - Full price
  • Deposit: $600 plus HST upon registration
  • Early Bird price (Before Aug 1): $2750 - Save $200

If you wish to spread your payment - no problem! After your deposit, you will need to make 4 payments of $637.50 plus HST during the first 4 months of the course.


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